Letter from the President

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SHagedorn July 2011 photoI am a nurse filmmaker. My filmmaking is meant to seed social change work, to bring the viewers inside the experience of nursing and being nursed, the experience of vulnerability, and the lives of those who step beyond what they ever expected they’d do with their lives. Seedworks films are about courage, touch, human dignity, and the magic of telling stories.

The documentary process mirrors the nursing process, requiring curiosity, concern, reflection, reciprocity, presence, respect and listening. Documentaries and nursing are meant to bear witness. The synthesis of nursing and documentary filmmaking has been a perfect opportunity for me to ply my art as a nurse who seeks social justice, as a documentary filmmaker who has a nursing practice. Cinema and story have the power to draw back the curtains on the human condition and make social change.

—Sue Hagedorn, PhD, MA—Media Studies, PCPNP-BC, WHNP, FAANP