Legacy of Innovation: History of the University of CO College of Nursing

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The University of Colorado College of Nursing has always been on the forefront of progress in Colorado and The West, nationally and internationally. The CU College of Nursing has a legacy that exemplifies the Western spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and service. Commitment to research, practice, scholarship, and service are hallmarks of a University of Colorado College of Nursing Education.

A Legacy of Innovation tells the story of the University of Colorado College of Nursing from its founding in 1898 through the social movements, wars, epidemics, and educational reforms through 2012.




30 minutes


Susan Hagedorn & Vicki Erickson


Susan Hagedorn


Susan Hagedorn, Tijana Petrovic, Amy Koenigsknecht


Sonja Bozic, Michelle Bauer Carpenter, Selena Rhines


Brandon C. Vaccaro

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