Island Nurse


Island Nurse is the story of Mary Donelly, the nurse and heart of Block Island, RI. Her stamina, courage, and 55 years of care lead Block Islanders to call her St. Mary. At 85, May D knows more than any other individual about what it means to live on a rural New England island, to be a public health nurse, Block Island’s History, and individuals’ stories about resilience and survival on Block Island.

Want to help some residents on Block Island pay for health care and other necessities? You can make a donation to the Mary D Fund.

The Mary D Fund helps residents who are finding it difficult to pay for necessities such as food, shelter, utilities, and medical care. Mary Donnelly, the state nurse, uses funds provided by individual donations and fund-raising activities, such as the annual Mary D Ball, and pays the provider of the required item(s).

You can make out your tax-deductible check to “Mary D Fund” and mail it to: P.O. Box 323, Block Island, RI 02807.













48 minutes


Susan Hagedorn


Susan Hagedorn


Susan Hagedorn, Tijana Petrovic, Jerry Risius, Saman Maydani, Will Gasner


Elizabeth Donahue


Eric V. Hachikian


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