Holding the Line: Nurses Strike in Appalachia

Holding the Line tells the story of 900 nurses in Eastern KY and WV who stand up for patient rights and safe patient care by striking against their corporate employer, Appalachian Regional Health. Expecting to be out of work for no more than a week, the nurses work their picket line for almost 3 months before they’re offered a pay-out on Christmas Eve in exchange for signing a contract that doesn’t protect them when they return to work. The film takes place in Harlan and Hazard, KY, and features Crystal, the nurse leader of the Harlan nurses and daughter-in-law of one of the wives who fought for their men in Harlan Coal Miner Strike of 1973. Holding the Line celebrates the spirit of Appalachian determination and willingness to stand up for what’s right.





31 minutes


Susan Hagedorn


Susan Hagedorn


Tijana Petrovic


Tijana Petrovic

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