In the aftermath of a senseless hate crime, an all-American town finds itself desperately seeking answers: What really killed Marcelo Lucero?

Just before midnight on November 8, 2008, in a deceptively peaceful Long Island town, 37-year-old Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero is assaulted by a group of teenaged boys cruising the streets “beaner–hopping,” a term used to describe the decade-long ritual of attacking Latinos for sport. The adolescent “game” comes to an end with the fatal stabbing of Lucero, exposing a thinly veiled systemic intolerance for immigrants. Seventeen-year-old Jeffery Conroy, a popular high school athlete, is sentenced to 25-years for a hate crime, while the other teens get 5 to 8-years behind bars.

Not satisfied with easy answers, Deputized delves deeply into the complex environment in which teens – pumped with adrenaline, aggression, alcohol and anger – target vulnerable Latinos perceived to be undocumented. The film dissects the anti-immigration messages and rhetoric flooding the community and raises the question: Were the teens deputized by the forces within their community to commit such a senseless act?

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Educational 59 minutes, Theatrical 86 minutes


Susan Hagedorn, Amanda Zinoman


Susan Hagedorn, Hope Reeves


Jerry Risius, Carlos Barbot, Joia Speciale


Amanda Zinoman


Eric V. Hachikian

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